Letting Services

Letting Services

As a Landlord, if you’re looking to let a property in the Barnet Areas, Hempstead areas,, St. Albans, Elstree & Borehamwood and Greater part of London like Camden, Westminster,  Finchley and Hammersmith areas. We offer three letting services for you to consider which are  Let Only Services, Guarantee Rent Only or Fully Managed Service .

At ZooletProperty we are committed to helping you find your ideal rental property for rent or sale within your budget price as simple and stress-free as possible.

We have a dedicated expert on hand to help and support throughout the property rental process journey. 

We have to make rent as simple as possible without undergoing rigorous processes so that you can have a perfect home which you dream about to live. 

We have create a easy way to find different range of property rental within our online website

We offer a wide range of services to tenants; 

Let Only Service. 

This service is provided to experienced landlords who want to get involved by maintaining day to day contact with their tenant as well as looking for a means to maximize return on their investment. 

The initial tenancy of a tenant will start through us and while the tenant starts, the ongoing related matters like tenancy issues, property repairs, renovation and rent will be undertaken directly by the landlord or another representative appointed by the landlord and the tenant. You can request a comprehensive breakdown of how this service works by sending us an email on services@zooletproperty.com , ref: let only Service.

Guarantee Rent Only 

This is an off hand service management provided to the landlord on rent to rent basic,usually agreed over a period of years with the option to renew if the contractual obligation is met. The service gives the landlord continuous rent guarantee during the period of the contract irrespective of any void or tenant is vacant the property.

Benefits of Using Guaranteed Rent 

  • Property agreement for 3-5 years with Guaranteed Rent.
  •  Only rented to working professionals in full time employment.
  • The property has a weekly cleaner.
  •  Minimum wear and tear!
  • We take care of small repairs and maintenance issues.
  • We cover the rent guarantee regardless of whether the house is full or not.
  • We pay all utilities from our own bank account.
  • No more having to deal with problem tenants.
  • No more calls in the middle of the night to deal with serious issues.
  • If needed we will give your property a light refurbishment.
  • We will liaise with you to organise larger maintenance issues.
  • We take care of Deposits & Referencing.
  • Fully managed by our experienced team!
  • We have our own gardener!
  • We carry out our own regular inspections. 
  • We are open 7 days a week!

To find out more about this service, please email us on services@zooletproperty.com

 Our ‘fully managed’ service

Ideal for those new to the letting process; do not live near the property or would prefer the ease of the letting being handled by a professional agent.

All contact with the tenant will be through us and we will collect the rent, undertake inspections and arrange contractors for repairs if required. We will only contact you with relevant information or when we require instructions.

Landlords can email us  on service@zooletproperty.com  to find more about this