Report Repairs

Report Repairs

Report a Repairs

Ensure the safety of our team, if you’re booking a repair, we’ll ask if you or anyone in your home is currently self-isolating, or if you’re experiencing any coronavirus symptoms. Our operatives will follow all government guidelines to keep everyone safe. You can find out more on our advice page on coronavirus.

When you come across items that might look like minor damage before it leads to a major issue, we will advise the tenant to fix them as soon as possible.

You can report the repair by phone or visit our office as a person or send us an email using our online portal

Make sure you keep the copy of the repair sent to us by email or letter written.

Reporting a repair is part of the tenancy agreement, it doesn’t matter whether the repair is small or large, maybe if you’re concerned that it’s something you can’t fix, then you need to let us know. 

You repairs must specified the nature of the issues and indicate whether it has to done immediately, 

In terms of the general maintenance of your home, you are responsible for:

  • keeping it clean and in good condition
  • reporting repairs you are not responsible for as soon as you become aware of them
  • keeping your garden tidy
  • insuring your home possessions content
  • giving us access to your home to carry out repairs or any other essential work
  • all repairs to your own belongings.