Tenant Guide

Tenant guide

At ZooletProperty we are dedicated in helping you find your ideal rental property as simple and stress-free as possible.

We are a letting agency and Property Management  based in north London, with dedicated local letting experts that are on hand to support you through the property rental process, and can provide reassuring peace of mind as you go about renting your new home.

We believe that renting a property is no reason to accept anything less than a perfect home, and you can choose your ideal home from a number of highly affordable ZooletProperty properties throughout London.

Whether you’re renting a property for the first time, looking for a stopover gap between home sales or relocation, there are a number of things you should consider getting the perfect rental property for you.

Your expectations

Creating a list of items you want from the property is the first step. We will support you when you speak to one of our team about your possible property needs  as well as when you look at property options.

It could be as simple as a place to work for you, or a place closer to a variety of shops, hospitals. It could also be a place where you want to have a car park or a bicycle to lock up areas..

You can also have preferential ways on how you want the rooms or kitchen to look like or a parking spot for your car, or it could be more extensive like a dishwasher, or include leased utilities.

Know your budget 

Whatever your reason for renting, you ‘re going to have a budget you ‘re working on. Check what costs you may have to pay in advance, such as a deposit or rental fee, as well as what the costs may be during the tenancy period. 

Do your homework on likely utility costs, council tax and rental insurance you may take out.

How much do you want to spend? 

You’ve got expectations, and that’s why there’s a reason for renting. You must have a budget to work on and from then on you can fashion all the necessary costs such as up front, deposit, maintenance costs, lease period, utilities such as gas , electricity, city tax, waste disposal, service charges and other rental costs that you are required to pay.

Whatever the justification for renting, you’ll have a budget to work on. The check will cost you to pay up front, such as a deposit or maintenance fees, as well as what the costs will be over the lease period.

Do your homework on the possible costs of electricity, council tax and rental insurance that you might pay out. You can use our budget planner to help define some of the expenses for the regulation.

How long do you want the tenancy

The time which you want to stay in the property is normally set by the Landlord. This is the rental period, which can be 3, 6 , 12 months and subject to being renewed on a term agreed basis.

You need a plan for how many periods you want to stay. How long do you want the property for? Landlords shall lay down specific terms for the rental period of their land. Others would be able to do a short period of time like 3-6 months, and others would take at least one year.

You can sign up to our property rental alert. 

Signing up to our property rental list will give you alert of what is new property in the market. That enables you to quickly make a choice quickly in term, whether you want to go for it or not.

You may also be able to call to find out about other rental properties in a specific area. If you come across property that is of interest to you through our alert, you can call us immediately and be able to advise you on what you need to know.. 

Choosing the desired property

We have a wide range of properties which you can choose from, some of them are furnished while others remain unfurnished.  You can go to our home page www.zooletproperty.com and select your criteria, prefer property and from then on, you can see what we have in that area. 

Viewing properties

Property rentals are usually taken quickly in these areas of Barnet, where we operate on demand. Whenever we call you for viewing, please make sure that you’re available and have your finances available to reserve if you like.

It’s better to secure a property than to leave it for another date. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about the property during your viewing. Check all major features, such as boiler, electricity, gas safety certificate, energy performance certificate, dampness, room size.

When you check the Energy Performance Certificate, you are expected to have an A-G rate of energy efficiency that can help you at least know the typical running costs. The landlords are legally obliged to carry out an annual gas safety check as well as to ensure carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

Landlords are legally required to ensure that electrical systems and appliances are safe, ensuring that they have PAT (Portable Appliance Test) devices. It is extremely important to check if there is a leak or a damp.

Property viewing checklist

Keep an eye out when you see damp patches, wallpaper peeling, and smell musty. Is there a breakout alarm working? Check the heating system, including the boiler and the radiator.

  • Make sure the toilets and taps, water pressure and drains are working. 
  • Make sure the window is weather proof. 
  • Find out the reason why the previous tenant left. 
  • Find out if an animal pet is allowed. 
  • Check whether the property is fully furnished? 
  • What is inclusive in terms of bills.
  • Check the street to see if there is any noise level. 

How to prepare for the tenancy 

Before you make a decision to rent a property , make sure that you have the finance in place and, possibly, know the rent and other related charges. You may even be asked to pay an administrative fee to start processing your application. You will also receive a full Rent Guide.

Right to Rent 

Before you take any tenancy agreement, make sure you have the right to rent in the UK.Meaning, you have to be ready to provide some form of identification such as a driving licence or passport to prove that you have the right to live in the UK. 

Time limit does not prevent you from renting, but the Landlord or the letting agent will carry out their own checks.. 


For each tenant who is ready to take up the property for rent, we will apply for a reference. We will check the tenant’s credit files, the current and previous landlord’s, if applicable, and the place of work. You may also be asked about some financial history. 


If your property rent comes under the Assured ShortholdTenancy and you have paid a deposit, this deposit must be a government-backed tenancy deposit that comes under the protection scheme. The letting agent or the landlord must pay this deposit to this scheme and, within 30 days, inform you of the details of where the deposit is being held.

Sometimes a security deposit could be used to cover damages done to the property when you decided to terminate the tenancy agreement. 

Tenancy Agreement

Before the tenancy commences, we will receive the tenancy agreement  and collect the deposit in our bank account before the tenancy begins. 

Home contents and rent protection insurance

You may want to consider protection as insurance that can help protect your belongings as well as your rent in case of default. You can talk to us about whether you want to sign your tenancy agreement.

Term of Tenancy

Once the Tenant has signed a tenancy agreement, a direct debit bank account shall be established. The tenant can collect the key on the date the tenancy starts. The tenant will receive the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate.

Tenant moving in

Once we have acceptable and clear references and have informed the landlord of the incoming tenant, a tenancy agreement is issued. Tenants will have to sign the Tenancy Agreement. In some cases, we may also require the Tenant to provide a guarantor if the references are not satisfactory. The guarantor will be required to sign a deed of guarantee.

Property Inventory check 

We can also provide a tenant property checklist that includes a list of items in the property. The checklists included the inspection carried out by the team to ensure that the property is safe, habitable to rent and safe to repair.