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Sourcing Property

Quite simply because we understand you. As well as sourcing, we actively invest in both R2R – HMO and R2R – SA. What this means is our knowledge is not just theoretical but practical. We understnd the market and know exactly what you are looking for. That is precisely why we make sure our deals are:

We take care of the full process from finding the property, negotiating the best possible deal for you, dealing with the referencing process including advising you on the best way to structure your offer all the way to providing appropriate contracts where required and arranging key collection after completion.

As well as being fully compliant ourselves, we thoroughly vet our landlords and ask for relevant documentations such as proof of ownership, valid Gas Safety Certificates, EPC, and EICR. We also work with trusted agents making sure your security is never compromised.

As you may know, it can be tricky to agree on a suitable price that allows a reasonable margin before the deal can be considered profitable. This is because the landlord and the investor both (rightly so) want to maximise the return on their investment. We negotiate ardently to ensure your profit margins are met and the landlords are content.

As the popularity and credibility of Lettings grew, we soon realised we simply could not take on every property being offered to us and decided to open it up to our network. We have built a database of investors we work very closely with over the years helping them procure profitable rent to rent properties from single units in sort after areas

We send out deals usually in two formats:

Whatsapp & Social Media

With this format, you will receive the following information about the property:

  • Street name and postcode
  • Rental Price and Deposit
  • Distance from nearest station
  • Size of property and amenities i.e. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garden etc
  • A full recording of the property


With this format you will receive the following information about the property:

  • Street name and postcode
  • Rental Price and Deposit
  • Distance from nearest station
  • Size of property and amenities i.e. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garden etc
  • Pictures of the property
  • A breakdown of potential costs, comparable and return on investment.

Viewing Etiquette

Viewings are strictly to view the property to decide if it is a viable investment option. As such, as a policy, we do not negotiate any part of the deal during the viewing. In most cases, the landlord or the agent will be present at the viewing, please refrain from asking them questions or negotiating terms directly. Under no circumstance should business cards or personal information be exchanged. At the end of the viewing, there would be ample opportunity to discuss any aspects of the property or offers you may want to put forward  in viewing etiquette.

Placing Offer

When placing offers, we operate on a first come first served basis. To put an offer forward to the landlord or agent, you will need to place a holding deposit. This secures the property (as we only take one holding deposit per property) whilst we negotiate your terms with the landlord. The holding deposit is typically £1000 but can vary depending on the number of units. It is simply to show commitment and gives us the confidence to negotiate effectively with the landlord as we are certain you will take on the property should you be satisfied with the terms. Here are some key rules regarding the holding deposit:

  • Once the holding deposit has been placed, you cannot pull out of the deal or you will lose your deposit.
  • The deposit is tied to your offer and if the landlord rejects your offer for whatever the reason, you will receive a full refund of your deposit or can chose to keep negotiating until you reach an agreement.

If placing an offer for a property, you are expected to be able to pass referencing by proving affordability. Here are what is typically required for referencing although it can vary slightly depending on the landlord and agent:

  • Name of Company and company registration number.
  • Telephone number and email address for the contract
  • 3 months bank statement for the company – pdf or scanned copies only
  • Proof of ID from Directors
  • Two landlord references

If you are going to be a personal guarantor, then we require the following information:

  • Passport Copy
  • Fill out deed of guarantee
  • Employment letter – if self-employed form SA302
  • Last 3 month’s bank statements and payslip
  • Two landlord references